I recently read an article on Hypebeast regarding pre-distressed sneakers being crass and classist. While their point that pre-distressed sneakers are significant evidence of fashion’s crass classism and a compelling case study illustrating economic concepts, namely luxury goods and the snob effect is understood, I don’t whole-heartedly agree. Hypebeast also stated in their article that consumers are paying a premium for a collectible… View Post

You can discern from reading my blog that I am obviously a fan of the brand Fear of God. I try to mix up my wardrobe as much as I can, but Jerry Lorenzo and his team have been making it increasingly difficult for me since the brand entered the market back in the spring of 2013. I immediately gravitated towards the… View Post

The following is a list of the Top 10 High Fashion Sneakers (according to the esteemed staff at hommeschool). Because we are focusing solely on “high fashion” or “luxury” sneakers, we are excluding premium iterations of footwear from athletic or lifestyle brands, e.g. Diemme x Vans or Missoni x Converse. This list also does not take into consideration collaborative efforts between a luxury brand… View Post

“Start copying what you love. Copy copy copy copy. At the end of the copy you will find yourself.” – Yohji Yamamoto The notion of true creativity, innovation, and originality is extremely complex, especially in the world of fashion. What has been will be again, and what has been done will be done again. This has never been truer than in today’s… View Post

I miss Alexander McQueen. I know that many people do. I’ll never forget my Valentine’s Day Weekend in Los Angeles, February 2010. One of the first things I heard after I checked into Le Parc Suite Hotel in West Hollywood was the tragic news of McQueen’s death. My girlfriend and I made reservations at Le Parc Suite a couple of months in… View Post

Independent boutiques, focused on serving the niche market of the ever-discerning, ultra-cool, avant-garde male consumer are extremely difficult to keep afloat, which is why there really aren’t too many of them. Larger, multi-department chains with a “men’s designer sportswear” section, such as Barney’s New York, have enormous brand equity and plenty of resources to help course correct in times of change and… View Post

The Fear of God distribution model, much like its Instagram feed, continues to be a bit of a mystery, so to bring a little more clarity to the situation, below is a list of stockists that commonly receive Fear of God inventory. I use the term “commonly” loosely. Hopefully this will give you a better chance of scoring the piece you’ve been… View Post

The Emerging Menswear Category Since I’ve decided to take the leap and officially begin writing about men’s fashion, I figured I should start with a post discussing the current state of menswear from my perspective, as a marketing professional and rabid fashion consumer.  With the menswear fashion market reaching $440 billion in sales in 2014 according to Euromonitor International, now is as… View Post

Rick Owens. Prince of Dark Design. Glamour Meets Grunge. Avant-garde . . . Oversized . . . Layered . . . Monochromatic . . . High Fashion. There has been quite a bit said about Rick Owens, and he is a designer I have always admired. As with any designer I admire, I am often curious about their sources of inspiration and methods for execution.… View Post